On behalf of the board of the Hellenic Society of Forensic Medicine and all its members we welcome you to our new website. The purpose of the Society is to promote forensic medicine in our country and to modernize the education of the forensic pathologists in Greece aiming for the optimal services to be provided to the citizens, to justice and to the Greek society as a whole.
Internet is one of the tools we have chosen to use towards this goal, since access availability to sources of scientific interest is critical to the overall distribution of knowledge and internet is the means to provide it. We intend to provide thorough information for the actions and meetings of the Society through our website, some of which may be addressed to non-specialists as well.
Last but not least, both members and not, will have the opportunity to interact and communicate with us through the contact info information that is provided. They will have the chance to communicate with members and non-members, specialists and non-specialists in order to exchange information, to be further informed, or just to contribute in their way to our purposes.
We hope that given the contribution and participation of each and every one, we will be in a position to bring the forensic medicine in a better place within the scientific community, corresponding to the needs of our times.

Grigoris Leon
President of the Hellenic Society of Forensic Medicine

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